Our Technology

Laser cutting is a process that uses a laser beam to cut or engrave materials. Our laser cutters work by directing a high power laser beam through optics (lens) which is focused on the material to be cut.

At Patternise, we specialise in cutting and engraving delicate materials such as papers and cards, and clean materials such as acrylics and plastics. All of our laser cutters have added technology such as air assist and vacuum tables, which enables us to achieve perfect finishes with no burning or soot residue on fine white and ivory papers.

Our machines also have large cutting beds and “pass through” options which enables us to cut or engrave bulky materials and those that are upto 305mm in height.

Standard Hardware

Our high speed plotter lasers systems are manufactured in Austria. They are best in class and the fastest laser systems available. They enable us to produce flawless finishes on even the most sensitive of materials. All our standard machines have camera recognition systems, enabling us to cut to the tightest of tolerances where required.

High Speed Volume Hardware

For ultra high speed & high volume laser cutting, we utalise our Trotec GS galvo laser system. So advanced, Patternise is currently the only UK client to own the hardware. This system enables us to cut large volume jobs that would simply be impossible to cut on standard laser systems. As an example, a typical job of 1 million sheets would take c30-40 days to complete (depending on intricacy and requirements). Much like our standard lasers, our GS system also has camera recognition capabilities as standard.